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CDRC Competencies

CDRC inherited unique competency within the areas of poverty reduction, livelihood improvement, green technology genertion and overall rural development from RDA, which has been serving rural development sector for the last 4 decades as a national academy. Innovation, HRD, action research, bio-technology, diagnostic survey, digital documentation and effective communication are other important key competences of CDRC. With all these strong background CDRC has started earning national and international recognitions as leading centre for chars development in Bangladesh.

CDRC Management

The governance and management of CDRC follow the guidelines set out in the 41st BOG meeting of RDA outcome. CDRC is considered as the lead centre for chars related development activities in Bangladesh, and will have overall fiduciary and operational responsibility. RDA will play a strong supporting role, providing the chair of advisory committee to the Director General. The management committee headed by the Director CDRC will oversee planning, management, implantation, monitoring and evaluation of CDRC activities.

CDRC Advisory Committee

1. Director General, RDA, Bogura: Chairperson

2. Additional Director General, RDA, Bogura: Member

3. Director ( ALL ), RDA, Bogura: Member

4. Founder Members of CDRC, RDA, Bogura: Member

5.Chairperson of Faculty Council, RDA, Bogura:  Member

6. Director, CRDC , RDA, Bogura: Member-Secretary

CDRC Management Committee

1. Director CDRC RDA, Bogura: Chairperson

2. Director, Agriculture Sciences, RDA, Bogura: Member

3. Two Experienced Faculty Members, RDA, Bogura: Member (To be nominated by DG, RDA)

4. Chairperson of Faculty, RDA, Bogura: Member

5. One Deputy Director / Assistant Director: Member- Secretary (To be nominated by Director, CDRC)